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Troubleshooting Your Television

A few years ago, we invested in a really nice flat screen television for our living room. Because we had spent a lot of money, I was surprised when it started flickering suddenly one day. After it flickered for awhile, it completely shut down, and I didn't know what to do. Since the device wasn't under warranty, I thought that we were going to have to replace the entire thing. Fortunately, a friend of mine told me about a great electronics repair center that could help. They inspected my television, told me what was wrong, and let me decide how I wanted it to be fixed. This blog is all about repairing your electronics instead of tossing them in the trash.

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Three Ways To Tell If Your DJ Controller Requires A Repair

DJ controllers are fantastic devices used by novices all the way through to experts that allow people to experiment with music, whether that is at a party, as part of their job, or on their own time to make up their own beats. DJ controllers can handle most workloads that are required of them. The only issue that can arise is that, because of how complex the machine is, sometimes faults can crop up and require a repair if you don't want the controller to completely fall apart. How do you know when you need DJ controller repair though? Here are a few warning signs that indicate exactly that.

Faders Not Responding

One of the most common components that might fail early on in the life cycle of your DJ controller are the channel faders. These can seem to have a life of their own, not responding to your input but rather going up and down of their own free will. This can be disastrous at a live event, so as soon as you see this issue you should try to nip it in the bud. A DJ controller repair shop is more than capable of restoring faders to their original state and ensuring that you never get embarrassed by them on stage. 

Sampler Malfunctioning

Sampling is one of the core elements of disk jockeying, and when this function is not working smoothly most DJs, especially new ones, will not know how to work around it. Do not stress; samplers can malfunction all the time, and sometimes it is a very simple fix. Often it  can be something as simple as the sound card not being properly connected. Don't let this completely ruin your entire controller, especially when DJ controller repair costs far less than getting a brand-new one would. 

No Playback

If you can't actually hear the music you have made, then generally it is an issue simply with the sound outlet, whether that be a headphone jack, a USB outlet or an XLR port. This can be as simple as a faulty cable and may not actually be an issue with your DJ controller at all. Still, it is best to get it checked out in case there is a deeper fault. If you can't hear yourself, then the whole machine is practically worthless. Don't let this take away your valuable time spent with a DJ controller; get it sorted and get back to mixing as soon as possible!