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5 Features You Should Have In A Hiking Watch

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If you’re an avid hiker, and you’re still wearing an old fashioned watch, you should probably upgrade. New watches have loads of features that make them perfect for when you’re out on the trails. Here are 5 features to look for when choosing a new watch for your outdoor trail expeditions. Sweat Proof Strap You want a strap made of a synthetic material. Metal is terrible because your wrist will swell in the heat and the metal strap will get tight. Leather can expand a bit, but sweat breaks it down. You should look for either nylon or a rubber strap. Ideally, you should go with rubber. It has the most give of any material, so you will never feel it get too tight in the heat. The buckle should be metal, though, because it is stronger than a flimsy plastic buckle. Bright Illumination If you hike in the late afternoons, you might end up heading back down the trail during dusk. You need to have adequate light to check the time. It’s better to have a button on the watch that provides instantaneous light than to have to take a flashlight from your pack to check the time. Heartrate Monitor If you hike for health, in addition to the sheer joy of being outdoors in nature, then you will want to keep track of your vitals, namely your heart rate. There are watches that integrate a device into the wrist strap that can measure your pulse. It’s also a nice feature if the watch can track your heart rate over the course of the hike and let you see the graph later when analyzing your performance. GPS Function A GPS function is particularly helpful if you go hiking in very large national parks. The GPS function will help get you back on track if you happen to wander off the trail and lose the path. These watches utilize a satellite uplink and transmit the info to your watch when you need it. The screens on these watches tend to be larger than those on old-fashioned watches. They have large, LCD screens that allow for graphical representation. Barometer Finally, you should find a watch that has a barometer feature. This will measure atmospheric pressure. This is helpful in alerting you to incoming storms. It’s better than relying on the weather forecast the night before. Suppose you are at the top of the trail, relaxing at a picnic area when an unforecast storm rolls in. That could be bothersome and even dangerous. The barometer feature of a watch will alert you in time to get down the mountain before the storm hits. For more information on android watches and other watches for sale, check with companies...

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Guaranteeing Performance And Longevity – Keeping Your Industrial Circuit Boards Clean

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An old quotation claims that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, and modern electronics certainly fall under that description. The revolution in production technology that has occurred over the last thirty years has left manufacturing firms with the ability to produce huge quantities of reliable products, but that reliability can be challenged when the electronic production equipment isn’t properly protected. Below, you’ll find a guide to some methods for making sure the delicate circuit boards that govern your electronic industrial operations are properly supported and maintained. Following these suggestions will allow you to maximize the lifespan of your equipment while simultaneously guaranteeing that you receive the performance and reliability you desire. Environmental Control One common mistake that many people make in an industrial environment is to assume that their delicate electronic equipment can handle the same kinds of difficult environmental conditions that their employees can. Unfortunately, microscopic dirt particles and high humidity can have a significant impact on the performance of circuit boards, creating erratic issues that may even be difficult to diagnose. Always make sure that your work space is maintaining the environmental standards required by your equipment manufacturing firm. While it may seem tempting to push through difficult conditions, this can often lead to setbacks that will end up cutting deeper into your profits than any downtime ever could. Aerosol Cleaning Even under the best conditions, your circuit boards are still likely to exist in dark and difficult to reach areas which are magnets for attracting dirt, dust, and other particulate matter. Sometimes, a direct application of a cleaning product is the only way to guarantee that they’ll remain clean, clear, and performing correctly. Thankfully, there are a wide variety of aerosol cleaning products on the market which are specifically designed for use on circuit boards. This can help guarantee that you get the clean surface you desire without risking any damage to delicate components which could be harmed by non-specialized cleaners. Scheduled Downtime Like any other mechanical component, your electrical equipment can benefit from some scheduled down time that will provide a respite from high energy, high heat, and high intensity working conditions. You should attempt to design your manufacturing line in such a way that some components are allowed to reboot and power down from time to time. This will guarantee maximum performance life out of your circuit boards and put you in a position to get maximum satisfaction from that performance. If you have any questions, visit Trinity Electronics Systems circuit...

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Three Questions To Ask Yourself When Shopping For A Turntable

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Buying music electronically has its share of conveniences, but there are few better experiences than browsing through albums in person if you’re a music lover. If you’ve decided that you’d enjoy building a collection of vinyl records, your first order of business is to buy a turntable. Buying a turntable means that you’ll have to decide between a new unit and a used one, as well as evaluate a variety of factors to ensure you get the best product for your needs. Don’t let this process feel overwhelming. By asking yourself these three key questions, you’ll be well on your way toward finding the right turntable for you.  Where Do I Plan To Listen To My Music? This question might seem simple, but the answer can help you decide whether you should buy a turntable with built-in speakers or opt for a unit that requires the use of external speakers. If you expect to enjoy your records on quiet evenings at home, the latter option is ideal. If you anticipate wishing to take your turntable and records to friends’ houses, the former choice is better. You can often find a happy middle ground by buying a turntable with built-in speakers but also the ports to allow for connection to an amplifier/receiver and external speakers. Do I Anticipate Transferring Any Audio Files? If you’re into collecting music electronically, many turntables are equipped with USB ports that allow you to transfer the recordings on the records to your computer. This extra feature is advantageous to those who anticipate using it, but there’s no point in paying for it if you don’t anticipate using it. Keep in mind, too, that many modern-day vinyl records come with a code that allows you to download the album electronically at no extra charge. If you plan to buy contemporary records, you might not need to buy a turntable with the USB function. Do I Want To Be Hands-On Or Hands-Off? Manual and automatic turntables have a number of distinct differences. The former variety requires you to slide the arm into position over the record and then carefully lower into the place. Automatic turntables, meanwhile, will raise, move and lower the arm on their own, meaning all you’ll have to do is press a button to begin playing the record. Automatic turntables will return the arm to its resting cradle when the record finishes playing while manual turntables require you to perform this task yourself.  For further assistance, contact a local outlet, such as American Sound Of...

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